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Visual Inspection and
3D Generation

Our services include visual, themeral inspection and 3D model generation


Outdoor Scenario

Partner with Alpha Visionary which supplies the DJI Drones and accessories

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Indoor Scenario

Partner with Dronesurvey Asia which serves as the Service Agent for Elios 3 Drone in HK



Using groundbreaking sensor technology, the Alpha Drone is a comprehensive drone engineered to the highest degree of precision and safety.

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Our visual and thermal drone inspection service utilizes high-resolution cameras mounted on drones to capture detailed images of building exteriors. Our AI algorithms analyze these images to identify any potential defects or issues with the building's structure, such as cracks, leaks, or damage.

Building Inspection


we offer thermal drone inspection to identify potential issues with a building's insulation or electrical systems. Our thermal cameras capture images of the building's interior, identifying any areas of heat loss or electrical anomalies that may indicate a more serious problem.


3D Digital Twins

Our R&D efforts also focus on developing 3D digital twins of buildings using advanced software platforms like Unreal or Unity engines. By utilizing the 3D point cloud generated by the NeRF model, we can import the data into these engines for detailed digital twin analysis. This integration allows for better management and visualization of building data, including the incorporation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Internet of Things (IoT) data. 

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